All 178 reports from Nairobi were Approved and Verified. Reports discussed here are from March 4th, 2013.

Reports of Note:
#1095; #1594; #1984; #1352; #988; #1399; #1584; #690; #1608; #2136; #1727

Major issues in Nairobi were reported throughout the day across the greater metro area. Thretats of violence, violent attacks, hate speech, mobilization and the presence of weapons were reported in Mathare, Kiberia, Kasarani, Eastliegh and Survey.

Polling station issues, specifically a lack of sufficient law enforcement officials at polling stations, logistical issues at polling stations and early poll closings were reported across the city as well.

The majority of reports entering the platform in the Nairobi area were considered to come from Trusted Sources. Trusted sources reported ranged from voter confusion and ballot paper shortages to lack of appropriate assistance for illiterate voters and queue jumping. Embakasi faced considerable polling center challenges with a high frequency of BVR and Identification kits reported as not working properly. In addition, numerous reports of early poll station closing was reported in Dagoretti and Embakasi.